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This wiki is about Sibuna, and what kind of mysteries the group is involved in solving.


Sibuna is 'Anubis' spelled backwards. The Sibuna group originally started out with just Nina Martin, Fabian Rutter and Amber Millington but gained more members by the end of Season 3.

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Sibuna: The founders of sibuna are: Nina Martin Fabian Rutter Amber Millington

The original Sibuna's are: Nina Martin Fabian Rutter Amber Millington Patricia Williamson Alfie Lewis Eddie Miller KT Rush Willow Jenks (unofficially) Jerome Clarke (unofficially) Joy Mercer (unofficially) Mara Jaffray (unofficially)

The Next a Generation of sibuna are: Cassie Tate Erin Blakewood Dexter Lloyd

Sibuna first mems

founders of sibuna

Sibuina season 1

The Original Sibuna

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